is one of the top domain names we own. We get a lot of requests for this name but we're making it exclusively available to Hatrio Domain's customers here. is:

  • SEO friendly - search engines favor domains with good keywords
  • Keyword-rich - easier to rank
  • Made up of common words - easy to remember
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Descriptive - easy to understand


Use cases include:

  • Website that checks the online ranking of online businesses
  • Software product/SAAS that helps businesses monitor their SERP
  • Content pillar site for digital marketing agencies
  • and many more


Best suited for:

  • Search engine or SEO focused businesses
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • SEO focused software products
  • and many more


Audit and Rank are common words easy for your audience to remember.


Keyword-rich two-word domains like this are easier to rank on Google. Your audience will better understand your product because the brand terms are descriptive. The name is pronounceable, memorable, and catchy. This might also fit well with your word-of-mouth strategy.


Your chances of ranking for organic terms like "website audit" "site ranking check" "SEO audit" and many other competitive keywords will be higher with this domain.