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About Us

Hi 👋


I know the title says "us" but there's only one person behind this project so it's more like "About me"


This is Dinakar here, I'm the founder of Hatrio and Hatrio Domains.

As a founder myself, I have faced this struggle when it comes to naming my startups. I vividly remember the countless hours of brainstorming, planning, setting up brand guidelines and more only to realize the domain name — the very address people use to reach us on the internet — is taken.


I have been there myself.


There was a point where I really wanted to solve this startup naming problem that nearly every entrepreneur or founder I meet is facing. It was quite messed up with beginners getting a domain name and listing it for $$$$$ and marketplaces not making it any better.


Plus, once you get a domain there's a whole another process of branding, logo making, design guidelines setup and so on. The more we get involved in these, the more get carried away from actually working on the project.


Combining all the pain point I had and solving them at one go has been my approach with Hatrio Sales (our sales automation product). I borrowed that approach and applied that to domains.


Things got interesting.


Hatrio Domains was born and is so far well received by the business community.


My main goal is to help entrepreneurs and founders get started with their projects quickly. I'll make it really easy for them to browse quality names, buy the right name, use the design assets that come included and quickly set up their online brand.


I'll be the one you can trust with your startup.


When you purchase your brand here, I'll be reaching out to make the transfer and will make sure everything goes smoothly.


A pleasant branding experience waits for you, I'm sure about that. The only question is are you ready for that?

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- Dinakar Sakthivel, Founder at Hatrio


Frequently asked questions

I just purchased a domain. When will you complete the transfer?

Thanks for trying our service. You purchase consists of a logo and a domain. The logo package is delivered instantly to you. You can download that logo package right after your payment and from the download link that'll be emailed to you shortly. To transfer the domain, we'll reach out to you within 48 hours and guide you with the transfer process. For most customers, we have completed transfers within the first 6 hours. Yours can be faster.

Can you tell me about your transfer process?

Your purchase consists of a domain and a professional logo. Logos are made available to you instantly. With regards to domains, we'll reach out to your email address and guide you through the transfer process. Most of our domains are managed at Sav, Porkbun and GoDaddy. If you use the same registrars transfers are instant. However, if you want to move your purchased domains to a different registrar then it may take anywhere between 5 - 10 days depending on the registrar of your choice. These transfer times are normal in the industry and may take longer in some cases. We'll be there to answer your questions throughout the transfer period and will fairly support you even after completing the transfer.

Do I get full rights for the logo? What about trademark for the domain name?

Yes, you as a owner of the brand will get exclussive rights to the logo associated with your purchase. Most busiesses don't need trademarks when they're starting out. And trademarks needs a business entinty behind it. We only sell the domain names. Due to the nature of trademarks it's not possible to trademark only a domain name. We advise you to seek legal advice from a lawyer in IP specialization if this matters to you

Is my purchase safe and secure?

Yes, your payments are safe. Payments are securly processed by our payment partner Stripe and PayPal. And there are no third-party brands at Hatrio Domains. We own and manage all the assets we sell here. This helps us maintain a premium purchase experience for you. So when you make a purchase, we'll release the domain name and logo assets to you. While we don't have a refund policy, we'll always try and make sure you are satisefied. If for any reason you have not received your purchase we'll issue a full refund to you. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we'll thoroughly review your case and try to compensate accordingly. Your satisfaction matters to us.